good farm foraging


* Determine ingredient needs and evaluate sourcing gaps

* Develop relationships with local producers

* Evaluate producer operations and production practices

* Evaluate producer's product availability and production capacity

* Develop staff education programs

* Menu development and graphic design

* Email about developing a local sourcing program for your restaurant

** We also work with organizations to source local ingredients for conferences and events


Common sense suggests that it is not possible to make a good thing out of a bad thing. We can see that we cannot prepare a good meal from poor food, produce good food from poor soil, maintain good soil without good farming, or have good farming without a good culture--a culture that places a proper value on the proper maintenance of the natural resources, so that the needed supplies are constantly available. Thus, food is a product both natural and cultural, and good cooking must be said to begin with good farming. A good economy would value our bodily nourishment in all of its transformations from the topsoil to the dinner table and beyond, for it would place an appropriate value on our excrement, too, and return it to the soil; in a good economy, there would be no such thing as "waste," bodily or otherwise. At every stage of its making, our nourishment would be a finished product in the sense that at every stage it would be brought to a higher order of excellence, but at no stage would it be a finished product in the sense of being done with.