fresh stuff: the migrant project

coming july, we'll be showcasing Rick Nahmias' The Migrant Project: Contemporary California Farm Workers. this great work is an art, humanities, and educational exhibition, that uses a photojournalistic lens to look closely at the lives and through them, ask questions about the human cost of feeding America. through images and bilingual text, this multilayered portrait details the lives and struggles of the rarely seen faces of this invisible and consistently neglected population.
"While traveling nearly 4,000 miles across the state to photograph over forty towns during the past five months, two things became evident: 1) there is no other sector in our country where people have to work so hard to have so little, and 2) by adjusting our mentality to one of inclusion and respect, we can welcome farm workers as a meaningful part of our society and understand their intrinsic value, not just for the essential work they perform, but as human beings and individuals who each carry with them the same hopes of many Americans – the dream of a better life. In looking at their stories we take the first step in doing just that."

"Mientras yo viajaba alrededor de 4,000 millas a lo largo del estado para fotografiar alrededor de cuarenta ciudades durante los pasados cinco meses, se hicieron evidentes dos cosas: 1) no existe otro sector en nuestro país donde la gente tenga que trabajar tanto para tener tan poco, y 2) al convertir nuestra mentalidad en una de inclusión y respeto, podemos dar la bienvenida a los trabajadores agrícolas como una parte considerable de nuestra sociedad y comprender su intrínseco valor, no sólo por la labor esencial que realizan, sino como seres humanos e individuos que llevan consigo las mismas esperanzas de muchos estadounidenses: el sueño de una vida mejor. Al mirar en sus historias tomamos el primer paso en hacer justamente eso."